Our Mission

Historically, traditionally, and structurally, Interfraternity Council fraternities and Panhellenic Council sororities uphold and enforce white supremacy, classism, and heteropatriarchal norms. We envision a brighter future for Duke’s campus - welcoming, desegregated, unstratified, and unplagued by gender violence, and to realize this, we call for a new social structure and the abolition of IFC and Panhel.

Progress Report

Check back here to see what is happening right now in the movement to abolish IFC and Panhel at Duke University.



students & Alumni have dropped from IFC & Panhel *based off self-reporting*


Town Hall: DATE TBD

students & Alumni write to duke calling for change


Chapters have internally voted to relinquish their charter

The Latest

Stay up-to-date with the latest stories @abolishdukeifcandpanhellenic.

The Facts

The organizations of the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council cause immense harm to the individuals of Duke's community. The psychological, emotional, and physical pain cannot be fully captured by statistics. We hope to illuminate aspects of the damage this system causes through the following facts. 

FRATERNITY MEN ARE 3x more likely to commit rape than their non-greEK PEERS

students in fraternities and sororities have less interest in cross-racial interaction

members focus on higher socioeconomic status and attractiveness during recruitment 

Get Involved

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Sign the letter

Read and sign the letter linked below to support the movement.


Collect Data

Did you disaffiliate from your IFC or Panhel organization? Fill out the form below.



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